Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How to get to Tubbataha? Most scuba divers go by booking on liveaboards. They need to fly to Puerto Princesa, the jump off point to Tubbataha and take a 10-12-hour travel by sea to Tubbataha. Most of the operators arranged all the transfers need for their guests. They may inquire from their preferred boat operators if all transfers requirement is included in the package.
  2. Who arrange trips to the park? The  dive operators, who has permit to conduct tourism operations in Tubbataha, arrange and sell trips to Tubbataha. Tubbataha Management Office issues entry permits to all entrants to the park.
  3. What are the requirements for private groups or individuals who want to organize their own trips to Tubbataha? Please check boat permitting requirements before applying to TMO.
  4. Where to stay in Tubbataha? All trips to Tubbataha are liveaboard as there are no accommodation facilities. This means they will stay on the yacht / boat throughout their stay in the park.
  5. How much a dive package costs? Most people visit Tubbataha by booking on liveaboard dive boats as early as a year in advance. Costs vary by dive boat and number of diving days but range from US$1000 to over US$4000. Please contact the liveaboards on our link for more details.
  6. How long can we stay? Commercial dive tours can stay for 5 to 7 days, or longer (inclusive of travel time) as long as it is clearly stated in the entry permit. Private boats and non-commercial trips, however, are limited to stay in Tubbataha for up to 7 days only.
  1. What other activities can be done in the park aside from diving? Most of the dive operators itinerary is packed with diving activities as this is their main product. Non-divers can do snorkelling. Bird watching is a new product that is currently being developed.
  2. Any dive course offered? There are some dive boat operators who offered diving courses. Please inquire from your preferred dive operator.
  3. We want to raise fund for Tubbataha. What are the things we need to know when doing fund raising as org/group? Please send us an email entailing the objectives and nature of the fundraising activity you wish to conduct. The TMO will closely communicate on you regarding your proposed activity.
  4. Who manages Tubbataha? Tubbataha is managed by the TPAMB. The day-to-day operations by TMO.
  5. Who owns Tubbataha? Tubataha is not owned by a single person or private organization. It belongs to every Filipino and a common heritage for the humanity. It is therefore our duty to conserve it for the benefit of the present and future generations.
  6. Can I do volunteer work in the park? Opportunities for volunteer works are mostly related to research and awareness campaigns and are not regular. It depends on the activities and availability of funding for certain program. Opportunities will be posted on the web and other social media but they can submit their application online for future reference.
  7. I want to do a study in Tubbataha. What should I do? Need to write letter address to TPAMB telling their purpose. Check the procedure on securing research/study permit in the IRR.